“Create the Life You Want, by Raymond Gerson, is like a small handbook with key information on how to transform your life into your dream.  With the four following main sections, Career, Purpose, Relationship, and Contribution, Gerson covers what “makes” life.  He breaks these sections down into chapters, simple yet detailed, to explain each factor thoroughly.  These sections include personal experiences for readers to easily relate, as well as specific steps to take, and questions to consider for further personal development.  These questions may seem like a miniscule aspect of the book, but are truly the core of it all.   We must ask ourselves the hard questions and respond to the answers.  And it is then and only then when we can really transform ourselves into what we want.  Gerson’s stories and steps may be interesting and helpful, but your answers to his questions are what really matters.  Gerson dabbles with spirituality in the book, but does not rely on it for his readers.  He explains it in a way that the individual must find his or her own way.  In other words, read the whole book, and pick out what works for you.  You might just find exactly what you need.”

Katie Erdman
Founder and Editorial Director
Be Me Magazine July 2007 issue

“Create the Life You Want gives you the tools to make your goals obtainable and to transform your life.”

Michael “Bucky” Godbolt
Radio Talk Show Host

“Create the Life You Want is inspirational, interesting, and has some wonderful ideas on how to create and attract the life you want. Whether you need help in finding what career is best for you, obtaining peace of mind, or finding the right person to share your life with, Mr. Gerson offers tips, summaries, and questions to ponder, and some of his own life experiences.”

Deborah Morgan

“Create the Life You Want is wise and inspirational. Using personal antedotes for his points, Mr. Gerson shares the insights gathered from years of counseling and examining his own life. He has identified the most important areas for having a great life and shared step-by-step plans for achieving their development. Definitely a most helpful guide.”

Lynn Skaggs, PhD,
Professor of Psychology

“I recently read through the fine book, Create the Life You Want. I like how uplifting it is. You showed in your own life how these great principles you are describing do work! I resonate both with the spiritual focus that is reflected throughout the book and the emphasis on self development as one of the keys to life’s riches.”

John Flowers,
Retired trainer and counselor

“How to Create the Job You Want” is a valuable tool for any job seeker.

Joe Collins, Reviewer
ALA Booklist

“The workbook approach (for How to create the Job You Want) supplements chapters packed with practical tips for creating a job profile suitable not only for corporate interest, but individual pursuit.”

The Bookwatch
The Midwest Book Review

“How to Create the Job You Want” helps readers identify skills, determine the best work for those skills, develop a plan to create a fulfilling job and then go get it.”

Jeff Rowe
The Orange County Register

“How to Create the Job You Want” gives a practical, proven, step-by-step method for creating a career that will be both satisfying and financially rewarding.”

Lynn Skaggs
Professor of Psychology and Sociology
East Central Texas College